My Piano

Keyboard AE (Action Effect) with GH (Graded Hammer Effect); 88 keys, Individually tunable
Tone Generator AWM with Stereo Sampling Plus
Polyphony 64 (Maximum)
Voice Selector Piano 1/2, E. Piano 1/2, Clavinova tone, Bass, Harpsichord, Organ, Vibes, Strings, Choir, Organ Combination; Plus: Variation for each
Touch Sensitivity Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed
Reverb Type: Room, Hall 1/2, Stage (20 levels for each)
Brilliance Mellow, Normal, Bright
Effects Chorus/Tremolo/Symphony/Echo (20 levels for each)
Play Mode Normal, Dual, Split (Adjustments for: Balance, Octave Shift, Dual Detune, Effect Depth, Slow Attack Strings, Split Point, Damper Mode)
Metronome Tempo: 32-280, normal, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4
Performance Memory 2 tracks, 4200 notes
Display Large Screen Backlit LCD
Pedal Controls Damper (128 steps), Soft/Sequencer Start/Stop, Sostenuto
Other Controls Master volume, MIDI/Transpose, Pitch, Power Switch
Jacks/Connectors Headphones x 2, Aux: in/out, MIDI: in/out/thru, PC Interface
Main Amplifier 120 W (60 W x 2)
Speakers (14 cm + 5cm) x 2 with enclosures
Dimensions 143.6 cm x 51.3 cm x 90.6 cm (WxDxH) (56 1/2" x 20 1/5" x 35 7/10")
Weight 67.0 kg( 147 lb., 11 3/10oz.)
Demonstrations 42 (12 Demonstrations + 30 Interactive Songs)
Cabinet Dark Rosewood Grain, Sliding Key Cover, Finish Back Panel
Bench Matching Bench