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``The secret of walking on water is knowing where the stones are.''


Qualifications ________________________________________________________________________


Offers over 20 years of leadership experience within the IT industry with a strong technical background in communications and development, proven by implementations and shipped products.

Global experience in successfully decentralizing, with the creation of near-shore/off-shore centers, recruiting and managing international engineering teams (sometimes distributed in multiple locations).

Visionary driven by scientific curiosity: often ahead of time with the early understanding and evangelization of subjects such as Internet, Pervasive Computing, Semantic Systems, Distributed Dynamic Services…

Technically astute but with a strong business sense of 'why' technical work is needed and ‘which’ business problems the company/group is ultimately aiming to solve.

Excellent communicator who leads large-scale international projects and interfaces with high-profile institutions and industry leaders.


Areas of Expertise ___________________________________________________________________


Strategic vision ♦ Team Leadership ♦ Engineering Team Management ♦ Internet Technologies ♦ Communication Technologies ♦ Ontologies ♦ Cross-line-of-business Solution Delivery 


Accomplishments _____________________________________________________________________


¨       Technical Leadership

¨       Mentor and technical coach

¨       Industry evangelization on Dynamic Active Networking and Pervasive Computing

¨       Technical expertise: Speech Technologies, Machine Translation, Natural Language Understanding, Voice, VoIP, Telephony, Multi-channel, Multimodal, Multidevice, Mobile & Wireless, Pervasive Computing, Service Delivery Platforms, Computer Science

¨       Operational leadership

¨       Created new operations in new markets (e.g. Eastern Europe)

¨       Initiated the process, prepared the criteria and the rationale for the creation of near-shore centers

¨       In two years was able to grow needs that lead to a three-fold team increase


Education _____________________________________________________________________________


¨       Adjunct Professor, UECU, Cincinnati, Ohio (USA), 1988-1992

¨       Doctor in Electronic Engineering - Summa Cum Laude, Genoa University (Italy), 1983.


Patents ________________________________________________________________________________


¨       Patent Awarded: “Systems and methods for sensor-based computing”, U.S. Patent 7,152,019 – 19-Dec-2006


Awards and Publications ­­­­____________________________________________________________


¨       “Dynamic Active Networks Services (DANS) as dynamic distributed systems”, The 8th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, July 18 - 21, 2004 Orlando, Florida, USA – (“Best Paper” of the section Wireless/Mobile Computing I).

¨       “Ontology Engineering by Fuzzy Cognitive Maps”, Special  VISNET session, National Conference on Radiocommunications and Broadcasting, KKRRiT 2004, Warsaw, Poland

¨       “Dynamic Active Network Services” , poster in Fifth International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM 2004), 19 - 22 January 2004 in Berkeley, California.

¨       Member of the Scientific Committee of the ISE (Institut des Sciences de l'Espace), 1995.

¨       DEC Circle of Excellence 1991 Award, Wien, October 1992.

¨       Member of the Scientific Committee for the 2nd Intl WS on Human Computer Interfaces S.Petersburg, August 1992.

¨       "MERLIN: An Intelligent Tutoring Shell", Intl Workshop on Human Computer Interfaces, Moscow, 5-8 August 1991.

¨       Scholarship from Sperry Corporation (now UNISYS), 1985.

¨       Member of the Organizing Committee for the International Symposium on "Murine and Human Retroviruses", La Spezia (Italy), September 1984.


Professional History _________________________________________________________________


2002-present. Oracle Corporation, Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA)


Senior Director. Responsible for Innovation and Advanced projects for Oracle in EMEA for next generation Pervasive Solutions Architectures. Created and managed the Oracle Nearshore Mobile Wireless and Voice Center of Expertise in Warsaw, hiring 35+ engineers and building successful partnerships with Industry and Universities. Responsible for the development of the most strategic projects in EMEA in the domain of Mobile Telecommunication technologies, services and world-wide size projects such as the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Delivery Platform for Telenor group and affiliates. Submitted the patent application “Systems and Methods for Sensor Based Computing” creating the concept of the microEdge Server for Distributed Intelligent Pervasive Computing.

Technical Director. Charged by the company senior executive management to define and outline possible strategies in multiple technology areas: A) Mobile Internet and Multi-Channel, Multi-Modal Wireless Communication systems in Wireless LAN and 3G telecommunication systems. B) Security and PKI infrastructure: need to match and integrate customer requirements with products development. C) Knowledge Management, its relationships with eCommerce and B2B marketplaces. Applied broader view of the process, and set the benchmarks for what a unified content management system has to look like, including Content Acquisition, Management, Hosting, Distribution, Personalization and Ontology in all its aspects. Divisional Mentor and Team leader assigned to Oracle consulting groups requiring corporate refocusing in new technologies such as Wireless, Knowledge management, Multi-Channel and Multi-Modal transmission. Restructuring activities included effecting technological, strategic and/or motivational changes within each group to align to corporate strategy.


2000-2001. mFutureLabs, Sophia Antipolis (France)


Co-founder and CTO. Created, facilitated and promoted a suite of open architectures, protocols and services that extend the reach, linkage and capability of services today found commonly on the Internet, for the growing mobile community. Developed APIs and application protocols for the definition of distributed architectures and framework for mobile components and their interactions. Participated with major European Car Manufacturers R&D groups to define and establish a framework of a collaborative environment for cars. As a founder of this start-up generated 750,000 euros in its first year.


1999-2000., Sophia Antipolis (France)


Chief Scientist. Director for R&D. Charged with the assessment of business plans and objectives, the rapid summary and reporting of technology trends and the accurate forecasting of relevant technology advances. Built a distributed Worldwide Team (90 people), that, by embracing an Open Sources philosophy, enabled the transition from an offline (print) company to a major online player. Dealt with journalists and analysts, and/or as a well-respected speaker skilled in explaining complex concepts in simple ways.


1998-1999. Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs, Sophia Antipolis (France)


Director of Technology (1998-1999). Technical Director of the Communication Software Group for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) with the responsibility of coordinating the internal developments and reporting the advances in technology in the domain of the Data Networking.

Involved in the discussion with major telecommunication operators research centers to develop new concepts for the convergence of Voice (PSTN) and Data Networking. In this context participated to the evolution of the innovative concept of Softswitch to allow transport and control of voice streams in packet networks.

Supervised research activities in the domain of Active Networks and Active Services. Invited speaker to major International technical events.


1995-1998. AT&T Labs, Paris (France)


Chief Architect (1996-1998). Responsible of a team of 10 AT&T Labs engineers. Part of the GeoPlex European AT&T internal evaluation. Panel speaker, on behalf of AT&T, at the September 1996 Multimedia Communication Forum (MMFC). Invited to the US in the Corporate AT&T Labs to participate to the design of the next generation AT&T IP network architecture as the responsible of the Global Roaming and VPN trial. Supervised research in Speech Recognition and led international customer projects centered on Computer Security Consulting.

Network Architect (1995-1996). Joined, as a founding member, the European operations of the AT&T Bell Laboratories. Overall Technical responsibility for the development of the architectures for the AT&T EMEA integrated solutions. Designed the satellite network and videoconference solution for the UTCP (University for Tourism Culture and Peace). Internet Champion for the launch of European AT&T Internet offer. AT&T EMEA representative in the AT&T Corporate core technical team for worldwide AT&T WorldNet Internet access architecture evaluation.


1987-1995. DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION (DEC), Sophia Antipolis (France)


Consulting Engineer (1994-1995). Third European Digital Consulting Engineer to receive such recognition from the Corporate Central Engineering Review Board (CERB). Sam Fuller, DEC VP of R&D and CERB, commended Carlo on his expertise and innovation concerning technical and leadership contributions, particularly in the application of new technologies to solve customer problems.

Technology Consultant (1991-1994). Research on Speaker Recognition. A worldwide-recognized USA researcher in the domain evaluated and accepted such a work on the behalf of those customers. Created and Developed the basic idea and prototype for a unique and innovative system (MERLIN) in Intelligent tutoring and Intelligent Database Navigation. MERLIN was sold by DIGITAL as its distance learning solution. Called in within Europe to help in designing advanced solutions for customers requiring applications of leading edge technology.

Senior Engineer (1989-1991). Developed a morphological and syntactic parser for the English language. Coordinated the technical evaluation for Machine Translation systems. Book reviewer for IEEE Expert magazine. Project Leader of two European Export Trade projects for US DOC Denied Party name screening, involving research in pattern matching techniques on character strings.

Knowledge Engineer (1987-1989). Project Leader for the Network Diagnosis Assistant (NDA), presented as a DEC product at the 10th International Joint Conference of AI (IJCAI), Milan, August 1987 and DECworld 88 Cannes.


1985-1987. System Designers (SD), Milan (Italy)


Engineer. Assimilated in the company Expert System Application Center, relocated for 7 months to UK, developed the test program for a system for the Real time Expert System Club of Users (RESCU) project within the British ALVEY program.


1983-1984. Genoa University, Genoa (Italy)


Associated in Research. Supervised thesis for multiconceptual analysis of sentences in the Italian language to drive object manipulation in a virtual scene. Developed in collaboration with Genoa University Institute of Microbiology a system to automatically correlate laboratory data in the HTLV study.


Affiliations ___________________________________________________________________________


¨       Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), 1982-present

¨       Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 1982-present

¨       International Neural Network Society (INNS), 1988-1999


Personal and Interest _______________________________________________________________


¨       Born in Genoa (Italy), Italian Citizen.

¨       Fluent in English and French. Italian native language.

¨       Enjoy playing classical organ and piano (degree in classical organ).