Carlo Tarantola, professional page


Italian. Carlo is a Doctor in Electronic Engineering from Genoa University 'Summa cum Laude'. Always interested and proficient with leading technologies, in Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC, then COMPAQ and now HP) he pioneered Internet with an unique and innovative system he invented( MERLIN or the original brochure ) in Intelligent Tutoring and Intelligent Database Navigation, built around semantic knowledge representation, multimedia data, Internet distributed client-server architectures, object-oriented databases and fuzzy-logic based kernel that became a DEC product. After eight years in DEC he joined AT&T Bell Laboratories and then AT&T Labs where he designed a satellite network for a Multimedia University. Attracted by the telecommunications world, he joined Lucent Bell Labs as R&D Director for Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) where he participated in the evolution of the innovative concept of Softswitch to allow transport and control of voice streams in packet networks. Because of such a wide background and expertise, Carlo was appointed Chief Scientist and R&D responsible for where he supervised activities in Machine Translation, 3D imaging, Virtual Communities, Wireless Communication and Wireless Internet and E-commerce. Carlo was one of the co-founders for an Automotive Telematics company called mFutureLabs which, after generating 750,000 Euro in its first year, has moved its operations to Volkswagen & Wolfsburg (Germany). Currently working for Oracle Corporation where he is evangelizing Oracle's Pervasive Mobile & Wireless capabilities as a differentiator. He evaluated, created and recruited the Near-Shore Consulting/Delivery center in Warsaw, Poland responsible for the development and delivery of world-wide size projects such as the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Delivery Platform for Telenor group and affiliates.

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